The Pirate Bay is officially back up

A waving black flag is now welcoming users

Internal Server Error
As reported by Variety , the number of IP addresses torrenting took a swift dive of about 6 million, but returned back to the million-plus line within two days. It's nothing major and there is no indication that it's even something official, but users have been waiting for a sign and a big pirate flag displayed when accessing that domain might just qualify for that. Galaxy S10 will be packed with exciting new tech, but this is the best leak yet By Zach Epstein 2 days ago. Signs that The Pirate Bay website is coming back online have been spotted on the original domain, although users shouldn't get their hopes up just yet. Warg was arrested in Cambodia in

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The Pirate Bay Rises Again, Back Online Two Months After Swedish Police Raid

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You will get instant access through The Pirate Bay mirror so you can download all the media content you need. Back to the Top Torrent Proxy List. Best Antivirus Software for you: McAfee Total Protection 4. TPB needs no introduction as it is used by millions of users worldwide.

Being launched in the site uses P2P file sharing for the users of Bit Torrent protocol. TPB is available in 35 different languages and is one of the largest torrent websites on the internet.

Access to The Pirate Bay is absolutely free, and you can sort the content found here so that you find everything you are looking for. Remember that you can now access your favourite torrents through any of the websites provided in the Pirate Bay proxy list. There are a lot of countries that tried to block access to Pirate Bay for various reasons.

There were even court trials that made territorial ISP providers to prevent access to the torrent site. Besides all the actions were taken by certain governments to prevent access to the Pirate Bay services, there are moments when the tracker itself is down or temporarily unavailable.

But that has been resolved permanently through the TBP mirror sites that will grant you access even if one of the sites are being blocked by the Internet Service Provider. Now all your favourite movies, computer games, TV shows, documentaries and all other content you want to watch is a lot easier to get. If you tried to access the Pirate Bay recently, you must have noticed the outage and the Cloudflare Error message.

This can only mean that the site is facing an issue with hosting. Bypass the website blocking with VPN While using VPN you can get a flawless access to the blocked content of the site within a couple of minutes. The full name is Virtual Private Network and it works by extending a private network across a public network to enable its users to securely send and receive data.

Through this system private data traffic is protected from any kind of censorship and interference. A VPN comes useful in such situations as torrent sites have been deemed illegal in many countries.

The era of individual torrent sites is over. That is why we created Pirate Bay open source. Now you can create your own copy of The Pirate Bay! Update and change this code to make it better for everyone," reads the openbay. The response from users and the online community has shown that The Pirate Bay is very important to them. In fact, closing it with a raid might have been the worse idea possible.

That action alone could spawn dozens of other clones, all over the world, that would be much harder to close. For the time being, accessing thepiratebay. We'll keep you apprised of any developments. Dec 22, The Pirate Bay may not be coming back A couple of days ago there was a report about a statement made by The Pirate Bay moderator, Mr , explaining why it takes a long time to get everything back online and he even said that there is a good possibility not to see the website online.

Closing The Pirate Bay might open the floodgates The response from users and the online community has shown that The Pirate Bay is very important to them.

Click to load comments. Related Stories Tribler fights for a censorship-free Internet. TV torrent website recovers after recent outage. TPB downtime appears to be caused by police raids. The best take on Cold War you can experience in a game. Finally, the real Destiny 2 experience has arrived. One of the best World of Warcraft expansions in a long time. It's still Early Access, but it's way better than expected.

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The Pirate Bay has risen from its digital ashes once again. TPB is back online today, more than seven weeks after its servers were raided. The notorious torrent site is operating from the. The Pirate Bay lives! Sort of. Rival site IsoHunt has cloned the torrenting service and re-launched it at IsoHunt said it copied The Pirate Bay's search engine and link. The Money Makers Club now has 6 of 15 available seats. Learn more here! The Pirate Bay is back online after almost two months of downtime. The popular BitTorrent site was raided by the Swedish.