10 Best Android Browsers To Enhance Your Web Browsing In 2018

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One of the best things about Samsung Internet is the ability to install an ad blocker. Maxthon poses itself as one of the fastest browsers by housing two rendering engines, WebKit, and Trident. Polarity Browser also has a very good desktop version which I also use on a daily basis. Roku 4 Roku 4. While browsing, it generates a unique OTP, which further strengthens its security features. Firefox carries the same genes from its cousine, which includes synchronisation, built in flash, data saver, private browsing and others. It's still the same browser at its core.

For A Chrome Feel with Bonus Features: Brave

17+ Best Android Web Browsers You Shouldn’t Ignore | 2018 Edition

But you probably already expected that. Samsung Internet Browser is free to download and use. If you like the feel of Chrome but want a little more from your browser, then Brave is for you. Brave also features native content blocking that you can easily control via a dropdown menu.

Brave is completely free to download and use. You get a familiar interface, tab sync, and everything else you want as a Firefox user. This is a privacy-based browser that blocks all tracking agents by default, but also has an option to block all ads. Like mentioned above, however, keep in mind that blocking all ads will break many mobile websites. Focus is also incredibly small at only 4. There is a downside to using Focus, however: Edge also comes with a reading mode which is quite handy when reading articles on websites with tons of intrusive adverts.

The Show Tab Previews feature is an advantage, but I find it somewhat useless as previews are already available in the taskbar in Windows.

Regarding extensions, it could be a little downside. One of the reasons why one can go for Edge is that this top web browser better integrates with Windows 10 than any other browser. And it is fast and responsive. You might very well remember using Opera Mini on your Java-enabled mobile phone. The desktop version of the web browser includes some features that are usually designed for smartphones, like, a data compression mode, and battery saver.

You can use Opera to get your daily dose of news with the help of the feature called Personal News where you can add sources of your choice. I found it a little bit difficult to find the Settings and Download options. These can be enabled or disabled in the context menu after making a right-click in the sidebar.

Just like other web browser apps, Opera also supports cross-device sync to make the browsing available on all devices where you use your Opera account. Regarding the availability of extensions, the browser is not a barren land. Still, these would be able to include your favorite ones. However, one sense of satisfaction comes from knowing that users can install Chrome extensions in Opera.

Just like Mozilla, the makers of Opera web browser. Read the differences between Chrome and Chromium here. By look and feel, and features, Chromium is the same as Chrome. You can sign-in using your Gooogle account, sync data, download extensions, and more. If you have both browsers installed on your system, you can easily spot Chromium by seeing its blue-colored logo.

Still, there are differences which might help users make a better choice. One major difference is that Chromium is developed as a rolling release which means features are pushed in new build more frequently than Chrome, almost daily.

Being a Chromium-inspired browser, it supports Chrome extensions just like Opera. But the level of customization provided, such as for the address bar, tab bar, etc. More customizations include adding custom keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures as per liking.

There is a note taking tool present in the sidebar. Users can also add any website to the sidebar as a web panel. They can access the website anytime through a split screen view. It might not be as popular as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, but the Chromium-based browser for Windows certainly deserves a place in the list of top 10 internet browsers.

That because of the features it provides. There is media grabber tool which can be used to download streaming videos and audio files from web pages. It appears that this top web browser, which also includes a download accelerator, is designed primarily for users who download stuff every day. The browser can also play partially downloaded videos and torrents and also includes a music player which sources content from YouTube.

Facebookphiles might find themselves interested in a feature called Torch Facelift which can be used to change the theme of their Facebook profile. You can easily mistake Torch with Chrome because it looks almost the same and it is also a fast web browser like Chrome and Firefox.

It supports your Google account login to browsing activity and other data between devices. Maxthon, existing since , started off primarily as a web browser for Windows but it arrived on other platforms later. The developers have promoted Maxthon as cloud browser. The free web browser comes with tools to capture videos from web pages, built-in Adblock Plus, night mode, screenshot tool, email client, password manager, note taking tool, etc.

It also provides access to common Windows tools like Notepad, Calculator, etc. Maxthon poses itself as one of the fastest browsers by housing two rendering engines, WebKit, and Trident. Still, if you are looking for a good Firefox alternative, Maxthon is a fair choice. But you can make yourself comfortable since the developers regularly update Maxthon. It can be a good alternative to Google Chrome and Firefox users for a change.

Earlier, Safari was available for Windows, but Apple discounted it a few years ago. The web browser is a host to a pretty significant level of convenience including the customizable toolbar, ability to search tabs, get picture-in-picture on almost every web page, reader view, iCloud sync, etc.

Regarding extensions, Safari might not have the biggest set of extensions, but be assured, it has got covered with all the popular stuff. UC Browser is already counted among the best web browser software for Android.

10 Best Android Browsers

Keep on clicking with the 10 best browsers for Android Google Chrome. Opera. Firefox. Firefox Focus. Puffin. Dolphin. Samsung Internet Browser Beta. Ecosia Browser. Browsing on your Android device should be painless. Check out our picks for the best browsers for Android, so you can browse with ease. Well, the jaw-dropping features might not make Chrome as the best Android browser, if your smartphone isn’t packing some decent power inside. It requires sufficient system memory and horsepower to get going, to say less it is a memory hog.