Set up the Apple TV Remote app

Set up the Apple TV Remote app

How to Connect an iPad to TV With HDMI or Wireless Airplay
Retrieved April 5, Stream content from your iOS devices. Worked perfectly to let me connect my Apple TV to xfinity hotspot while waiting for my internet to be set up in my new apartment. The wireless way has some clear advantages:. When resetting, Apple TV's status light will blink rapidly.

The Wireless Way: Connecting an iPad to a TV using Apple TV

How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad to Your TV

These cables are not only a better value, they're easier to connect than Apple's solution. One big caveat with those third-party cables, though: Maybe you don't want a pesky wire between your iPhone and your TV.

Your Apple TV will start streaming a mirror of whatever's on your iDevice's screen. You can also just use AirPlay to stream media from the iPhone to the TV, such as music or videos you've purchased on iTunes. In very crowded Wi-Fi environments, AirPlay video might break up or stutter.

In that case, use a cable. But it should be fine for most homes. If you have an internet-enabled TV, it probably supports DLNA, a generic form of media streaming available on many different manufacturers' products. With the right app, you can stream unprotected music and video file—in other words, files you have stored in iTunes and copied to your iPhone; it won't work with music and videos purchased from the iTunes Store due to Digital Rights Management DRM limitations.

However, you're not limited to streaming media only from the iPhone—the right app will look at media stored on other devices, like your PC, and act as a go-between to set up streaming from PC to TV, for example. Devices you can stream to include not only TVs but also game consoles and PCs.

You don't have to convert any videos or install special codecs to make it work. Go to the TV's internet connection menu and look for an option to stream from a PC or home server. Sunshine is another option—install a version of the app on all devices so you can easily share non-DRM media between them; it will also help you cast media to the TV but doesn't do mirroring, so there is no watching streaming video apps. Depending on your situation, there might be a very straightforward answer to the question.

That will likely be expanding in I recently reviewed the Vizio PC1 and liked it to the point that I kept it. There was one drawback for us: As a household that ditched cable years ago, we rely on an OTA tuner to watch live sports, presidential debates, and other programming.

We had an old TiVo HD with a tuner laying around, but since we no longer paid for service it worked as a dumb box with no channel guide at all. Streaming TV online is one way to watch television these days, if restricted to catch-up services of programmes posted for a short time after first airing.

But live over-the-air broadcasting continues as the most popular and easiest way to watch TV in the UK.

For traditional UHF broadcasting for reception by your roof aerial, that now means Freeview for terrestrial TV services, and its high-definition adjunct of Freeview HD. The first world problem is you have to switch inputs on your TV to switch between them. The addition of DVR allows our customers to make Plex the heart of their media experience. No other solution comes close.

The news on Xbox Support was first spread on a Kickstarter page for the app. The developers left the following message for users and fans of the app and noted how hard they have been working with Xbox and Microsoft:.

In fact, by the time you read this it should already be available. That left it up to third parties to come up with an equivalent—or better—DIY solution. Unfortunately, suggested requirements of Android 6. While they were hesitant to give dates on anything, there was a lot of good news. SiliconDust has spent the last year expanding its reach into Europe markets. And on the cable front, users of DVB-C can expect an 8-tuner device later in the year. Silicondust, and our HDHomeRun brand is here to help.

Microsoft stopped actively developing WMC in but the company still shipped an unmodified version in an upgrade pack for Windows 8. To read the full review click here. FYI , the premier television listings metadata and rich media content provider, and Silicondust USA, a San Francisco Bay Area-based technology company and innovator of the HDHomeRun network attached TV tuners which streams live TV throughout homes on connected devices, have entered into an exclusive long-term agreement.

Consumers can now expect to experience more in-depth show information and will be able to make image-based viewing decisions from a comprehensive library of showcards, network logos and celebrity photos.

Now we have the enriched metadata and rich media consumers have been asking for from a provider with a proven track record of accuracy. In particular, consumers can expect to interact with the new content soon, first through HDHomeRun VIEW, an Android application developed by Silicondust that allows consumers to stream live TV from their smartphones and tablets.

FYI , the TV metadata and entertainment image content expert, accumulates and distributes TV entertainment content and linear scheduling data from more than 12, TV networks daily, aggregating the information into customized formats for various television, mobile, Internet and print clients.

Features will also include remote stream access from mobile devices outside the home network. The company is based in Santa Clara, California. While the options this opens are seemingly limitless, one specific use case is watching premium cable on a PS3. It most be digital I'm Dutch and not English school educated Is also the reason I work as driver. Hope everyone forgive this long explanation.

Yes this would work. It's not an elegant solution but there are not many other options at the moment as Apple is not providing Lightning to Composite adapters at the moment. But i just get the screen and the Video a. What can i do? I have been doing this. I actually use my ipad for presentations along with the projector.

Im sure many will benefit from this hub. Thanks for the information. I have been looking at an Apple TV and have been unsure.

You convinced me and I'm going to buy one. You really choose very interesting topic and also very helpful and unique hub and gives me such a great information.

Apple says "The Lightning Digital AV Adapter supports mirroring of what is displayed on your device screen — including apps, presentations, websites, slideshows, and more — to your HDMI-equipped TV, display, projector, or other compatible display in up to p HD. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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For all who travel a lot and intend to use the iPad-to-TV set-up on-the-go e. The Extras 1x Apple TV, ca. Initial Set-Up AirPlay is a technology which allows you to wirelessly stream photos, movies, videos, music and even some apps see bottom over an existing wi-fi network. After that everything is very easy and Apple-like: If you're using an app that uses similar swipe gestures, you might have to swipe up twice.

When you are now starting a video, movie or slideshow on your iPad the picutre will nicely fade over to your TV. The Extras 1x Lightning Adapter, ca. No installation, no config, stable connection: Start a presentation in the photos app and it will automatically be displayed on the TV Start a Keynote presentation and it will automatically appear on the TV Start a video and it will automatically be played on the TV.

The wireless way has some clear advantages: Convenient, wireless playback of contents via AirPlay from e. Here are the drawbacks of the wireless way: Apple TV is more expensive than the iPad HDMI Adapter Apple TV requires initial set-up and is not really portable With Airplay you may possibly encounter lags during video-playback if the wi-fi network is not stable enough or if there are too many users connected to the network.

The HDMI connection is much more reliable. Here's an imperfect shortlist: AudioViz, Projectify, Downcast Games: Yes it could be due to a faulty adapter if the error occurs occasionally. Thanks for the information but it seems that AirPlay Mirroring works only with apple TV, not with the lightning adapter option and i even more like android phone i want same trick with android mobile.

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Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and make sure that Wi-Fi is on. Tap the name of your Wi-Fi network to join. A blue checkmark beside a network name means that you're connected. Whenever I take an extended vacation I always bring along the Apple TV. At the end of a long day filled with adventure and fun it’s nice to unwind with your favorite show on Netflix or rent a new release comedy. If you can't set up the Apple TV Remote app or the Apple TV Remote in Control Center, * try these steps. After each step, check to see if you can set up the app: Check that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV.