10 Of The Best Security Apps For iPhone And iPad

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The Google Authenticator app may be perfect for you. There are more than fonts available and over 10 themes available to let you customize your notes. Besides, it also shields your data from dangerous Wi-Fi attacks. No longer want anyone to have unauthorized access to your private data or wish to offer it a more capable shield? Then, you can go onto an Internet browser from your computer, and remotely call the device, to either help locate it or give your classmate a piece of your mind!

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Best Security Apps to Keep Your iPhone and iPad Secure

If the security checks are failed, iDiscrete opens as a simple note writing app. This is a very cool feature. A thief will want to break into an app that is obviously a security app. A note writing app? In my opinion, this is one of the most essential apps on this list. Like iDiscrete, I think that Best Phone Security Pro is one of those security apps that anyone could use and be happy with.

Although Best Phone Security Pro is much less subtle than iDiscrete, it definitely allows for easier dishing out of justice. Allow me to explain.

When your iDevice is unlocked, either via touch or passcode, Best Phone Security Pro immediately opens with a second passcode screen. If the password is entered incorrectly, best Phone Security Pro triggers a loud alarm. It logs the GPS location of where it is when it was attempted to be opened, and it takes a photo from the front-facing camera. You can go back to your device later and see who tried to open your phone and when. If you have iDiscrete installed, a snooper could still access your Email, your browser history, and your unlocked photos.

Best Phone Security Pro is a more powerful and effective app, in my opinion. Avira is also a highly well-respected security name, and its anti-virus app for Android is one of the most popular available. Avira is quick and to the point, and they know exactly where most security threats lurk on an iDevice: Avira Mobile Security also lets you manage several iDevices from one device. If you lose your iPad, you can track if from your iPhone. Avira Mobile Security also places a strong emphasis on email security, which I really like.

Just like how pop-up ads can be a threat to your online security, email spam can be equally as dangerous. Avira has always been a great source of security software, and their iOS app is no different.

Lookout offers two different models. You can have a standard free membership, and a premium membership. I think that both of these are worth being at the top of this list, but Lookout Premium is obviously superior to Lookout Free, so it gets the nod here. Lookout is an all-in-one security app. Lookout allows you to sound an alarm when you think your iDevice is lost in a nearby area.

Lookout Premium regularly updates you with threat information, and notifies you via email whenever suspicious activity is detected from your iDevice. Suppose you left your iPhone at school. A nosy classmate tries to get into it. Even if a hacker some how managed to steal your password he would be unable to access anything without the token generator.

The next best thing thing you can do is use common sense. Keep your device up to date, only install apps from the official app store, and don't download from a website if it looks suspicious: P As for an anti virus for the iOS, I wouldn't bother.

Currently there are a few anti viruses on the app store, but most of them focus more on your privacy settings and theft protection rather that protecting your device from actual viruses. They can also be a big drain on your iPads battery. I've been banking on my iPad for years, found it very safe. Your bank will have security in place too and may issue you with a card reader. Talk to your bank.

No, there is no antibirus protection in ipad coz i have tried all the apps which say protection but nothing happen.. Is there Antivirus protection for iPad?

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Best Security Apps to Keep Your iPhone and iPad Secure #2 Lookout. #3 Find My iPhone. #4 Best Phone Security Pro. #5 Foscam Surveillance Pro. #6. Note Lock. #7. LogDog. #8. Avira Mobile Security. #9. Norton Mobile Security. # Alert # Secret Apps – The Locker. #9. Norton Mobile Security. Norton Mobile Security is designed to provide trusted theft protection to your iOS device. With this app, you can remotely locate your phone from any place with an Internet connection. It also allows you to . Apr 14,  · The IPad Forum is a community of members from all walks of life and from all over the world coming together to share our experiences and to help each other .