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How do I use Parental Guidance on a computer?
These are fast, secure properly run proxy servers not the free slow ones infested with viruses that people normally try to use!! Hope this helps - good luck: I know many just want to watch stuff online -but better news for them - the VPN function will be built in making BBC Iplayer , Hulu, Sky Player, Pandora and all the rest accessible from the main program. No it doesn't affect people in the UK unless they normally use a proxy to surf through. Having the ability to change it - opens up lots of possibilities.

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It was pretty much complete but they had problems with a couple of issues which affected a few users. Main issue has been finding competent OSx programmers I believe so if you know any I'm sure they'd be interested! Having said that the pre-release version seemed to work pretty well for most people. If you've bought for the MAC version - drop them a line and ask for a copy to try. Contact them on Identity Cloaker Support Or you can ask for a refund - they'll definitely refund you.

If you just wanted to use it in proxy mode which works for BBC Iplayer - but not live streaming or Hulu - you can use the proxies directly from the browser. Go into Safari or any browser and select preferences, advanced and proxies - in here you need to put in a UK proxy server address and put your IDC username and password , plus change the port to Hope that helps email is ngbconsult at gmail. Yeah, the pre-release version of Identity Cloaker for Mac works pretty well.

Unfortunately the Pre-release Mac version doesn't have this: Thanks for that Welshgagdet. Channel 4 used to be my favourite, however, without IP and I can not use PC as proxy, I am wondering which is the proper way using iPhone or iPad directly.

Any comment or suggestions? Should help Alex Q above as well! I've put a post up here for the Ipad but it's almost identical for the Iphone. Hi do they have South African servers? Hi, They don't have South African servers I'm afraid. Haven't tested speed or anything though so just test with their month trial first. They're good guys though. Overplay Hope that helps, give me a shout if you have problems. Yeah you have, the only problem is that they don't have a trial version, I am force to pay for a month and if it's doesn't work it's too bad for me: Thank for the earlier post about streaming live on your iPad, Welshgadgets.

Still want to be able to steam it on my desktop but this is great. And for people thinking about subscribing to IdentityCloaker, I can tell you they rock. You won't be disappointed. No problem Alex and thanks for the comment. I didn't realise this was just for PC and not Mac. Do you recommend a service for Mac No problem, just been some more UK server upgrades - working faster than ever now, at least it is for me: New Mac version apparently out now - ask support for latest version, not tried it yet but it's taken years to develop so should be good!

Does this still work, after the changes BBCi made in February ? Hi Val, Yep it still works fine, I used it over the weekend from France.

Identity Cloaker is relatively low key and never advertises it's ability to watch TV on it so tends to get ignored. If you've paid up front for another service ask them if they have any other IP addresses you can use, although the BBC have blocked lots of services most of them have switched IP addresses to bypass this. Get a few questions about this post because it's so old! It's probably quicker than before because they've upgraded all the servers. Also it's one of the few that will still work with Netflix.

It only redirects to these versions currently because of the way Netflix chose to block VPNs. They now restrict access from all commercial registered IP addresses. Identity Cloaker now has some residential addresses specifically for Netflix but unfortunately they are much more expensive.

It does do catch up. Openvpn does sometimes work when this occurs. Have you tried all the servers, sometimes switching to a different UK server might help. Strange that the OpenVPN connection worked better for you though, I normally find it slightly slower. Mind you if it's just latency from the ITV site when accessed from your location in China there's probably little you can do. It's worth sending an email to the Identity Cloaker support guys they will always try and help you with any issues like this.

It might be worth trying to change your computer clock as well. Anonymous Proxies - Anonymous Surfing. Fortunately because I always surf through a secure proxy on the Identity Cloaker network, this doesn't really matter to me as my location is defined by whichever proxy I am surfing through. Identity Cloaker is the most sophisticated security software on the internet, it allows you to surf completely protected via a network of private proxies across the planet.

These are fast, secure properly run proxy servers not the free slow ones infested with viruses that people normally try to use!! Simply because when the BBC legal department threaten them which they usually do , they end up disappearing suddenly. Newer Post Older Post Home. Anonymous Surfing needs More than a Proxy. Well if you're like me and spend a lot of time outside the UK, whether on business, travelling or maybe you've retired somewhere sun Many people concerned about their privacy spend hours every month searching for free proxies online.

It's not that hard to do, there ar Proxies and Watching Hulu from Canada. Well I'd never heard about it before, but apparently Hulu is the most watched Video site on the Internet behind only YouTube.

Highly Secure Proxies - Where can I get a list? If you're looking for a list containing a nice up to date selection of free high anonymity proxy servers , then alas you're in for s Privacy Policy Privacy Policy. Subscribe To Posts Atom. After subscribing, you can choose your preferred UK server. This is how you can continue streaming of your favorite TV shows and other content hassle-free. At times, it happens that you are unable to watch iPlayer from anywhere even after selecting the UK server.

In this case, you should connect to another UK server. If you want to use free VPN services to watch iPlayer, you can achieve your objective. View the detailed guide of CyberGhost review to learn the pros and cons of Cyberghost. If you are using an IP address iPlayer has already blocked then you will have to face the region-blocking barrier. That is the way the iPlayer train rolls.

However, you will need a good bandwidth to stream content on iPlayer. The old-school technique is to upgrade to a heavier and more expensive subscription. Clarify to your Internet Service Provider that the reason behind your shift in a plan is to stream frequently.

Your internet service provider may have some tips to help you boost internet speed without experiencing heavy additional costs. You can use various add-ons offered by a VPN to enhance your streaming experience. Below listed additional features will allow you to watch iPlayer content outside UK without compromising streaming quality. A feature rapidly gaining popularity amongst the streaming-addicted VPN community is split-tunneling.

Using split-tunneling on your internet browser will only tunnel the data that is being transmitted to-and-from your browser while you stream content from iPlayer in your browser. All other traffic transmitting to-and-from your system will not be tunneled by your VPN. Some VPN service providers offer low-cost high-impact speed boosts. These speed boosts will pump up your speed significantly and allow you to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK without ever experiencing the discomfort of buffering lag.

Contrary to popular belief, VPNs are not expensive. And, if you are a smart shopper, then you will make sure you save when you spend. You can save by making sure you buy the subscription package with the least monthly cost. And, if you are a true shopaholic, then I suggest you wait for a little until VPN service providers announce discount campaigns. Discount campaigns come out every summer, winter, boxing day, new year and, Christmas; so buying a 3, 4 or 6 month subscription should never be a problem.

It has a constantly updating media library and streams like the wind. If you think all of this sounds too good to be true without a catch; you are not mistaken my fellow Netizen. However, if you face similar error message then choose one of the VPNs mentioned earlier in the table. All the specified VPN services work without any hassles in every country of the world.

You can use one of the mentioned VPN iPlayer and enjoy seamless media streaming instantly. Changing DNS settings is one way to access iPlayer abroad from different regions. You can easily find a list of DNS servers on the internet, but many of them may be targeted by hackers.

Using a proxy is one of the easiest ways to unblock websites, a proxy only encrypts data that reveals your geographic location. So, interested in any of the programs currently available on BBC iPlayer? If you are nodding your head right now, then you need to hurry because programs are normally only available on the website for a maximum of seven days, if not less. There is a download feature in case you are short on time but that is also clocked. Once you download a file, you have a total of 30 days to play it; and once you play it, you have a total of 7 days to complete watching it.

Thankfully a VPN subscription and setup takes no more than a few minutes. Subscription plans offered by leading VPN service providers are two-stepped, support a wide variety of payment methods and come with a money back guarantee you can count on.

On hitting enter, you will be presented with a list of search results headed by a line stating your public IP address. This is the IP address that the internet sees you are under. If you are sitting in a school, office or any setting in which multiple computers are connected to the internet through the same Internet Service Provider, then you are probably sharing this IP address with the rest of the people on your local network.

This is the IP address that iPlayer system will detect. Your internal IP address is used to enable communication between your computer and other computers on your local network. Every system has a unique internal IP address.

You will be presented with a brief listing of your current internal IP configuration. Reddit is one of the most popular interactive platforms that allow the users to get awareness about different stuff instantly. Fortunately, iPlayer has a huge fan following on Reddit that suggests the online streaming has grabbed the attention of the users worldwide. Another user has endorsed the comment of one Redditor that suggests that iPlayer follows the notion of region blocking.

Hence, you cannot watch the broadcast of iPlayer if you live in Ireland. However, if you fancy using iPlayer TV service, then make sure to strap on a VPN service provider to your internet session before you go out streaming. A privacy advocate by day and a binge-watcher by night, Aazim Akhtar loves to write about online security, internet freedom, and all the latest technological trends.

Finding ways to secure any sensitive data and protect against existing and emerging cyber threats is his passion. Follow him on Twitter to stay in touch with his work! I understand that you will need a BBC account soon to use the iPlayer. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Tried everything also Hola is not working anymore, also not in Kodi.

Someone else an idee? I am using tunnelbear from Canada to access BBC. However, at time their UK server is hard to connect. Any suggestions for a vpn that will well in Canada? I just followed the steps you illustrated to bypass the TV license rules implemented by BBC and it worked. Thanks for the informative post. I am using NordVPN at the moment and the subscription ends this month. So if I change my vpn service, will I have to repeat this step?

Ipvanish becomes useless too: I am having the same problems that all folks are writing — no VPN will facilitate streaming of BBC iplayer any more, the BBC have shut them all down — a new solution is needed — and ideas please?! If you forget your password or PIN or you believe you never set a password to begin with, you will need to clear your browser history.

If you permit a child to use your computer, you are solely responsible for determining whether the BBC content is appropriate for that child to view. If you turn on the Parental Guidance Lock, your browser will not be able to access guidance-labelled content unless you type in your password or PIN. X Site Search Search. When prompted, Turn On the lock.

Choose and enter a four digit PIN and press Play. Your PIN is now set. How do I turn off the lock? All programmes will now be unlocked, as the unlocked padlock shows.

BBC iPlayer VPN in 2018

FAQ How do I use Parental Guidance on a computer? Setting up a Parental Guidance PIN is the best way to control what your children have access to on BBC iPlayer. You can listen to BBC radio on a computer, tablet or mobile via the BBC iPlayer Radio website or the BBC iPlayer Radio app for mobiles and tablets. When listening via BBC iPlayer Radio you’ll need to be connected to the internet (this is streaming) and be signed into a BBC account.. Listen to on-demand programmes on BBC iPlayer Radio. All the latest documentaries, comedy, videos, articles and more from the award winning digital channel, BBC Three. Makes you think. Makes you laugh.