How to Configure a DD-WRT As a Wireless Ethernet Bridge

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About the Author Aaron Parson has been writing about electronics, software and games since , contributing to several technology websites and working with NewsHour Productions. Click the "Setup" tab. Perform a hard reset on your secondary router if you've used it in another mode since installing DD-WRT. Plug it back in while still holding the button and wait a final 30 seconds. This mode expands on the "client bridge" mode in old versions of DD-WRT, which only supported Ethernet connections on the secondary router. The DD-WRT custom router firmware allows your routers to perform complex functions not regularly available, including the "repeater bridge" mode. If you do not know these or later settings, log in to your primary router and check them.

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Client Bridge. First of all, do not even try to do client bridge with dd-wrt SP1. It won't work. The router that you are trying to connect to is the primary router. To have computers connected to both routers (main and secondary) and co-exist in the same subnet, set up DD-WRT as a Client Bridge, Repeater Bridge or use WDS. Further explanation of bridging modes is at Linking Routers. Client Mode Setup. Client Bridge with dd-wrt SP1 won't work. If CB will not work on your hardware, try Client Mode instead. Also note that on newer hardware and dd-wrt versions, e.g. MIMO radios, Client Bridge may not exist in the list of wireless modes.