Don't want Bing, want Google as default homepage.

I don't want to Install Google Chrome

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I am my own team: Dave, how do I get rid of or uninstall MSN. You are giving them access even to read and modify your incoming txt messages. It's working very well on my Blackphone. Can you help me get rid of it? Like one of the posts in here said disabling google apps does not mean getting rid of Android. Chosen Solution Try the search reset https:

First, Why Go Google-Free?

Use a different name on YouTube than your Google Account

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Dec 19,  · In Internet Explorer (or any browser, for that matter), you can set any page as the browser home page. You don't need to use the Google homepage if you don't want . If you don't want to use Google+ at all, just keep turning down the "use your real name" prompt and you'll be fine. Your work isn't finished once your account is connected though. Google Chrome seems to fail on all these. Pale Moon doesn't sound right for me. I use a mac, which has Firefox on, but that is painfully slow. I also bought a PC recently and because of Windows 8 I was offered a refund which I took. So I don't use Microsoft/PC stuff. Thank you very much, also, for the remove Chrome link.