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The site has been around for quite a few years already but never made it into the top ten before. This meta-search engine copied the look and feel of the defunct meta-search engine and covers dozens of extra sites compared to its predecessor. The new group currently operates from EZTV. This content is locked! Stalker 1,, 10,, Opentracker 4 x. The site was founded in but only made its first appearance in the top ten in Below is the full list of the ten most-visited torrent sites at the start of the new year.

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Cloudflare Ordered to Expose YTS, Showbox, and Popcorn Time Site ‘Operators’

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Torrent trackers is a server that communicates between two peers to transfer file by using BitTorrent protocol.. Once you have downloaded loominggu.gat file from the any torrent sites like the pirates bay or kickass torrent and added it in your torrent client software, it will request the file that was downloaded on other PCs. where the PC is . 46 rows · This is a list of open and public torrent trackers. The list contains only . The torrent tracker replies back with a list of other peers who have previously expressed interest on the torrent the peer connects directly to each of the peers it received from the torrent tracker.