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Enable this option to Remove objects. Get Hotspot Shield and start watching blocked YouTube videos on all your devices right now. You can view my latest make believe adventure on YouTube. Learn More at icontact. School filters only see you visiting the proxy, not the site you actually want.

How Do You Unblock Certain YouTube Videos?

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In this article, you are going to find out the latest tricks to unblock youtube at school and office. There are many of us who face the situation of blocked YouTube at school or at the office. Certain countries like Pakistan have also blocked the use of YouTube.

Without any doubt, YouTube is the most popular online source of entertaining, informative and interesting videos , but it is also blocked by the administration of many educational and business institutions either for preventing the waste of time or due to the conservative issues. Such a restriction sometimes frustrates the people studying or working there.

Here in this article, we are going to reveal how to unblock YouTube, so that you can enjoy the interesting videos and keep the pressure away:. VPN is actually a global private network where you pass through their specifically secured private tunnel. Here, you will have a quite different identity to the web server. There is no way to know your real IP address. The service of sending and receiving the data using VPN is available in both options free and paid. While you are not able to access any particular site such as YouTube, these online proxy servers offer you a backdoor entry to your desired video site instead of directly connecting to it.

Here you are connected to the proxy server at the first and then to the site like YouTube. It is the most efficient method to get access to various popular, but, unfortunately, blocked sites at your institution such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To work with the proxy sites, at the very first you need to enter the address of your favorite, but blocked the site in its search inbox. A thing of that especially is taken care that type or paste the address into the web page and not on the generally used address bar.

It is loved by users across the globe and can be considered as the best website in terms of entertaining and informative content. However, not everyone thinks the same. Many educational institutes consider YouTube as a distraction for the students. There are various ways to unblock YouTube at school and in this post, we are going to let you know the top ways to unblock YouTube at School.

So instead of typing http: You just need to replace the http with https. Now open Google Chrome or restart it. Now try to open YouTube. Here are few VPNs which may come handy. Since it is downloaded in the system, you will have to download it again and again as chances of getting the same system in school are not that great.

So the solution is using proxy websites. The proxy websites help you to access the Internet without revealing your IP and location. It works exactly like VPN but not download, installation is needed thus making it a faster and simpler method to unblock YouTube. Here are few Proxy Websites which you can try. If you wish to use it in a different tab or some other day, you need to resubmit the URL again and again.

In this method, you need to change the proxies of your web browser manually so that your browser browse through a proxy web address. Using this was you can surf YouTube without any restriction. Using VPNs for bypassing the youtube blocker, was a professional and costly method too.

Always use VPN that are secure to use else the consequences will be devastating. Use secure VPN, stay safe. That is how DNS came into the picture. They provide the name for those IP address. But still, we can access the website using the IP address. How to get the IP address of a website? Make use of command prompt to get the IP address of a website. Please find the image below. Here we identified the IP address of YouTube ie. That's it, Hope YouTube unblocked at your location now.

Here we have provided 11 ultimate techniques on how to unblock YouTube at school or work location. Using these above techniques, you should be able to unblock YouTube. If not, please let us know in comments section. If you found any of these techniques useful, show your appreciation in the comments section below and do share it and help others too.

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How does a VPN unblock YouTube videos?

12 Ways to unblock YouTube at Schools & Work. Youtube Unblocked. Using VPN is the best way to unblock YouTube at school, they are very cheap considering the convenience and privacy they offer. Sep 04,  · How to Access YouTube at School. YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows you to upload and view videos in various formats ranging from standard quality to high definition. Some schools and organizations restrict access to YouTube Views: M. If your search is how to unblock youtube at school / colleges / work places, make use of the proxies or VPN software programs, configure .