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17 Best Torrent Sites of 2018 that are Insanely Fast and Trusted!
However, unlike more traditional torrent search engines, BTDigg searches through files that are found on BitTorrent's DHT network, which is rather unique. After the fall KickAss torrent which is know as the king of torrent returned back. Do not request or post torrent links or seed requests. Yah, no other way man! Want to add to the discussion? I permanently use Anytorr. If you are into movies, then Yify is the place to go to as it has the largest collection of movies.

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FlixFlux: The Ultimate Torrent Site for New Films, Movies and DVD Releases

Just a little sketchy, but I'm trying out the torrent, not giving up that easy. Only saw that rule after I posted long story short, post got my attention before I went to make my own, which was subsequently removed because technicalities , so sorry for that. Did not know the OP was arrested though O. Dumb i guess, ive downloaded hundreds of his videos with zero problems and all excellent quality.

Not even snobby, just realistic. YIFY has garbage bitrate, and garbage audio, you're better off with a solid SD encode if you're looking to keep file size low. I've got 3 Terabytes of space, considering I dont hold on to everything file size is not an issue: P I still say the uploads from his account are fine for normal use, movie's a movie and its not shit quality.

They're fine for people with shit connection but honestly if you watch his encodes on a 40" p tv with dd5. The audio sounds extremely horrible and the video gets super pixelated during high bitrate scenes.

But if none of that is noticeable or matters to you then yeah, keep getting YIFY. Holy shit your dense. They are all "normal" users and are not into torrenting or quality, but they all agreed it was a much more enjoyable experience to watch a quality encode compared to a YIFY encode. If you watch on a old laptop screen with bad speakers, sure. Even with that you will notice a difference.

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PirateBay has been one of the most used and hence is the top torrent site on our list. It is without a doubt the biggest hub for all your files and media requirements. However, there have been numerous domains but you can get stuff on either of its domain. On the homepage, you will see a menu in which they have listed all the shows that will be airing on the day you visit. It is a great torrent website which will never let you move to any other website for TV shows.

In fact, most torrent websites feature torrents from EZTV as it gives high quality videos in all the releases. If you are into movies, then Yify is the place to go to as it has the largest collection of movies. You might wonder that the movies are the same quality that you will get on any other torrent site which is a recorded print. But, Yify maintains its standards by releasing full HD prints of the movie. You will have an option to download p or p movies through this torrent website. You will even find movies in 3D which were released in 3D print; all in all, this is one great Torrent downloader on our list!

If you think that most torrent websites are very boring to use and their UI is not very good, then you should definitely head to isohunt. This torrent website was started way back but was then stopped by the creator due to copyright issues but now it is back again and provides you one of the most fluidic designs. The design of this website is not the only thing as it has all the files that you need to pass your leisure time or to have a great time with your friends watching your favorite movies or TV shows.

They even have 3D versions of some the movies. This is quite a CV for them and continuing the legacy, they are still here posting great stuff on their amazing website. It is a hub for most popular stuff that you would want to watch on your device. Two — three years back, most of their uploaders left their site because of security concerns but now the website is safe and secure to download torrent from and its earlier uploaders are also returning to the x servers.

Think of it as the Google search engine just for downloading torrents. Whenever you search a torrent on Torrentz. If you are concerned about the threats of downloading torrents online, like getting viruses like malware and Trojan then you should definitely go to Bitsnoop. Their team is always scanning the content on this popular torrent website and whenever they find something on their website, they instantly remove it using their powerful anti viruses.

They are also awarded as the most reliable torrent website in this world. As we have started to talk about the security from the viruses, the next torrent website to go to is TorLock. One of the most famous of those is the rarbg which uploads latest movies and TV shows. You will be happy to know that they even have their own Torrent website which basically lets you download their finest stuff free of cost.

The shutdown of Kickass Torrents and temporary availability of Pirate Bay created opportunity for others to hit the top spot and rutracker. This is a Russian based torrent website which promises to provide you stuff that you want from it.

However, the reason behind that it is being placed at 12th place is because the website is in Russian. Torrent Hound is another website that stole the chance of becoming number 1 after the fall of the titans like kickass torrents and The Pirate Bay. Torrent hound is again one of the top 5 websites in the world but in our list we have put it at the 13th place because it is blocked in several countries including USA and many more.

In fact they have kept the good work going and are still posting great stuff. If you are looking for high quality content, then this is a must go torrent website. They have millions of torrents which are uploaded to their servers as well as from others. They have a clean user interface which will make it easy to download more and more files.

Lime torrents came into the lime light when it was sued by the Lions Gate production house for the unofficial release of the expendables 3 movie. Since then the website has become more popular and a stop for movie lovers.

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I usually use the pirate bays top , are there any other sites you would recommend that lists recent releases? Looking for a site that lists movies released on torrent sites by date/expected date If your looking for finding which newer movies get released via publicly tracked torrents, your best bet is to look in a category for movies on a public torrent index We’re a release site that want to inform you about new releases on the internet. New Movies Tamil Download , Download the latest released Bollywood HD Movies, Games and Software directly from Torrent. Wapking .