Which Are The Best Static IP VPN Providers?

"What kind of IP address do I have?"

Why is a static IP address better?
For the purposes of this article, we'll put you at home on your computer and talk about the IP address you likely use most often. I am willing to make a payment for a solution. I recommend you create logical "blocks" for your various devices, and another block for dynamic addresses. I need a fixed IP. Thanks for your help!!

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Free Software to Setup a Static IP Address

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Why Do I Want A Static IP Address From My VPN?

I have one setup where my server is already having Static IP address from one of my Internet Service Provider ISP (X). Now ISP (X) service are not good its went for maintenance mode quite frequently. Your external IP address is not something you can change — it is given to you automatically by your Internet provider. You can purchase a static external IP address, but they are incredibly expensive. Some of the larger providers of these services do allow you to have a static IP for a price. In a way it is a hosting service that is hosting the router and not a server.