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How would you know that? In the meantime I see no harm in downloading the Nik collection. This is a strange and interesting case. I cancelled my membership after a month however for a few reasons. I signed IN with that email. Modifying the same video would be illegal, unless it is referenced both while uploading and in the description.

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As a scientist, I have researched the meaning in depth. Feliz Navidad comes from the fleece of the Navidad, another name for the golden fleece. The aliens liked to paint their nails, but had to use organic polish because human nail polish is toxic. The only way to remove this extraterrestrial nail polish is to use the Feliz Navidad. It is extremely rare and valuable, thus they ask for it on a special holiday, Boxing Day. Christmas did indeed "take off" from the Pegan's Winter Solstice.

However, Jesus himself did not. Christians would "hide behind" the Pegan Holidays to worship Christ freely in earlier times. Same as with Easter neither of which Christmas or Easter was originally a Christian Holiday however, that does not mean by an stretch of the imagination that Christians were or are celebrating a Pagan Holiday or that Christ "came to be" from their stories.

Over the years Christians have just adopted those holidays as our own, and many do understand where they originated. But in their "heads" and in their "hearts" they are celebrating Christ.

There were many "foreshadows" of Jesus. Even in the "worship" of false Gods. View 3 more meanings. Write about your feelings and thoughts about Feliz Navidad Know what this song is about? Does it mean anything special hidden between the lines to you? Share your meaning with community, make it interesting and valuable. Make sure you've read our simple tips Hey! Also we collected some tips and tricks for you: Don't write just "I love this song.

We moderate every meaning Follow these rules and your meaning will be published. Sign up or log in with. More Jose Feliciano lyrics. It Doesn't Matter Anyhow. Con Su Blanca Palidez. View 10 more explanations. Write an explanation Username. Bold Italic Link Add an image new! Describe what artist is trying to say in a certain line, whether it's personal feelings, strong statement or something else. Train tickets are also more expensive at rush hour. See if you can start early and leave early.

You'll work the same hours but save commuting cash! Most of the time, the real weight from your broccoli, beets and other veg comes from the thick stalks and stems. Cut them off, you'll cut the price by at least half! To most kids, the sound of the ice cream truck is a sign to come inside and beg for money for an overpriced popsicle. But not in my house. I told my kids that when the ice cream truck plays a tune, he has ran out!

Then, I give them a much less expensive popsicle from my own freezer. But means that one It may take you a little longer to get where you're going, but this is the optimal speed for good fuel consumption. You'll get a way better mpg from your car. They can be great for making smoothies, muffins and other snacks and drinks that require flavor without needing the fruit to be in perfect condition.

These things take so long to cool down that you can actually turn them off 5 minutes before the cooking time is up, and your dish will come out fine. Also works well with toaster ovens. If you're thinking of quitting a relationship, make sure you exit before any major anniversaries, birthdays or anything like that. The last thing you want to do is buy an expensive present right before you go your separate ways. I'd call that one a bit mercenary. Usually, you're just buying on impulse anyway.

After a year, you will have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars. There may be tax breaks but when you're single you're rolling in money, even on a low salary. Get married and it will all go away. For a start, women need way more money than men, including toiletries, clothes, shoes, hair styling and more. Most women can't go five days on one big batch of chili or spaghetti — they want variety. And salads cost a fortune too. Once you start having kids, kiss goodbye to any extra cash you did have.

It's the best way to save money. Have to point out as a happily married guy with two kids that I do not agree with this one at all. But I do like big batches of chili! Simple premise but it saves all of us a fortune in my family. We put all the names in a hat at Christmas, and then each pick out one. Kinda like secret santa, but without the secret. And that way, you're all not buying gifts for everyone. Big waste of money that holiday. They will always have things that you can borrow instead of buying them.

My neighbor comes over to use my edger, and I use his cultivator. That means only six days a week of meals instead of seven. Over 52 weeks, that's over combined breakfasts, lunches and dinners that you don't have to buy. And you'll lose weight too! Umm…talk to your doc on that one. Sounds unhealthy to me. All those BOGO offers are great, but only if you need two.

Instead, split them with a buddy and split the bill. The links and mentions on this site may be affiliate links. But they do not affect the actual opinions and recommendations of the authors. Wise Bread is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.

I'll be honest we do number We have Nalgene bottles in the cabinet by the sink and if I need hot water I fill them up as I wait for the water to heat up. We then use the water bottles to fill up the dog bowl and water the plants. It takes no extra time and very little effort. We do number 26, too! I got into a habit of it two years ago when we had a massive drought in Alabama and the Water Works Board was surcharging any household who went over a certain usage amount. Now that water levels are back to normal, I just haven't gotten out of the habit.

Its good conservation of resources and its saves a little bit of money. I agree with Kristen. We do this too. We go through so much water waiting for the hot to come up from the basement so we fill bottles and use it for the same kinds of things. It won't save you money if you end up getting fined.

What you want to look for is a "pure" paste wax, without additives. Then it is right for car and furniture. If you arrange a transaction so that the other person loses and you gain because you are lying, that is stealing.

It's no different than switching price tags in the store, or putting multiple items in a bag or putting things at the bottom of the cart, hoping the cashier won't notice. Stealing is taking what is not yours or shouldn't be yours.

To whomever provided idea 46 for guys, don't get married I have to say that as a Married Woman, I get very frusterated with my husband for doing exactly this. I would happily make 1 or 2 big casseroles, chili, stew, or any other delicious dish that makes lots of food and eat it all week. But if I try, hubby complains and will go to the nearest drivethrough after day 2.

With very minimal effort and cost, one huge pot of chilli can spawn spaghetti sauce one night, burritos another night; any ground beef-based meal that you know, you can extract from the giant chilli pot. It' sjust a matter of mixing in some extra sauce, spices, chopped veggies. My wife loves the giant chilli pot thing; we do it when we have really busy weeks like last week, preparing to move and when we have poor weeks two weeks ago, after renoing the new house.

She usually helps me devise new and interesting meals to extract from the chilli, but it really helps to have a good working knowledge of spices. A good list to use when determining the viability of a potential mate, however. Home Depot does not accept returned paint anymore, but when they did, they added a little extra tint to any paint that was returned for this very reason. People were returning it and then buying it back. So they added extra tint so it was no longer the color the people wanted.

But they don't even accept returns anymore, so it's a moot point. I used to live next door to a cemetery. They toss the flowers after a few days into a big heap behind some trees. I used to go collect the newest nicest flowers to dry and also get the ribbon, floral foam, wreath forms and stands etc.. I felt that once it had been tossed, it wasn't disrespectful, was keeing more junk out of the landfills and that in my own special way, by drying the flowers and using the ribbons that it was a better tribute to whomever had died, than to have the stuff just tossed in a trash heap.

And I'm glad you didn't take them right off of the graves directly like some other people do. How much toilet paper should you use? Exactly as much as you need to get your backside clean.

Sometimes you need more than other times, like when you've eaten nothing but chilli for the last 6 days. That being said, what people probably REALLY need to address is how much toilet paper they think they need as a buffer between their hand and their own nether regions. If you plan to wash your hands afterwards, you can overcome the fear of having less of a TP buffer.

If not, I know why Donald Trump won't shake hands any more. What I like to do is go somewhere that you can get the salad bar for a couple of bucks with an entree. While I am there, i fill up on the salad bar, and then take the entree home with me.

Always impresses my friends too. I'm probably too late to the party and my comment will not be read anymore. Anyway, I have to disagree with your assessment of Cutting the engine everytime you have to stop because of a red light is a very effective way to save a lot of money in the long run not to mention the environment which will be grateful as well.

Here in Switzerland, there has been an extensive campaign a few years back urging people to switch off their engines at red lights. Neutral experts and engineers from the automobile industry confirmed that there is absolutely no danger to or excessive wear on a modern engine.

And it will demonstrably save gas, as long as you don't press the pedal when re-starting the engine which you don't need to do because the ignition of any modern car is computer-controlled and will inject exactly the right amount of gas. This is why TCS, the automobile club of Switzerland i. What about the added wear-and-tear you are putting on your starter? If you stop your engine at each red light, you are going to need to spend money replacing your starter a LOT sooner than normal.

I'd say that the cost of the replaced starter outweighs any savings you would get from gas. But if they can cause meaningful discussion or raise interesting points, that's cool. I, for one, had no clue about the retinting of returned paint. Well obviously as a woman I'm going to be offended by 46 but I think that guy needs to take advantage of the advice offered in 2. There are frugal men and frugal women and plenty of spendthrifts for both sexes. I'm the one that makes us eat the leftovers, clips the coupons, recycles the bags and take-out "tupperware" and printouts.

It's incredibly sexist to say women are less frugal than men. Yeah, maybe I want both shampoo and conditioner where you only want shampoo but I'm going to find it on clearance and use a coupon and get it for free.

It's too bad that guy's wife and he can't have a real conversation about cutting costs. My fiance and I happily battle it out to see who can save the most! I'll also add that my dear to-be-husband is a big fan of getting the large soda at the start of a road trip and refilling the cup whenever he needs a drink.

I don't think this is definitely stealing but instead borderline. First, none of the employees have ever complained even though they probably knew he didn't get the cup there. Two, the cost of the cup itself is far more than the cost of the soda to fill it. There is maybe 7 cents worth of syrup and carbonated water in every humongo soda from Burger King.

Plus, if they don't charge for refills and he doesn't want to buy a new cup which is wasteful and has a larger tax on the environment , the only real solution is to hold onto the thing. Instead of learning to speed read, there's this awesome place called the library where you can get all the free books you want.

And you can take them home to read! Much better than spending all of your evenings hanging out in a bookstore, annoying the employees. As a former Borders employee now at an indie , I gotta add that this is totally on-point.

Not only are people who do this annoying the employees, but they're also in the cases of books where we don't carry a lot of copies making it more difficult for other customers to find and purchase the books they're looking for.

Most of the people who do this kind of thing end up damaging the books, which means we have to send them back to the distributor. Even if the book isn't damaged, we still have to re-shelve it, which means we're not as available to help customers.

Even large chain booksellers are hurting in this economy; if you want ANY bookstores to stick around, stop undermining their ability to stay in business. Most libraries now carry many, many copies of popular new books on their release date, and allow online holds on a book that's still "on order".

This means you can place a hold on a new book well before the release date, and go in to pick it up on the day it's released in the bookstores. Plus, most libraries receive funding based on usage--the more a community uses the library, the more resources they're able to provide.

Your taxes already pay for the library, so it's "frugal" to maximize your usage. And good for your library, too. A lot of public restrooms usually didn't have toilet paper, so you have to bring your own various papers to wipe yourself.

According to legend, Merv Griffin used to do that. By all accounts, he was very frugal. When staying in a hotel even his own , he would donate his clothes to a charity rather than have room service pick them up for laundry service. He'd go back to the charity the next day, his shirts would be clean and pressed. He wouldn't have a steep room service bill or have to tip.

Don't know if it's true, but I've heard it. I just have to chime in on this. Most of this list is dishonest or unethical or just plain theft. I hope every idiot who tries this stuff gets arrested. I'm someone who needs my comfort. I just buy my toiletries in bulk and I buy eco-friendly as it is significantly cheaper. A lot of that stuff is either crazy or not worth the effort.

I did get a good laugh though. You made my day. Hubby and I just made another batch of chili last night, and plan on eating on it for the next 3 days or so. This is one thing that we have found we enjoy doing together.

Sometimes, he cooks -- sometimes, I cook. We have chili on day 2 never eat it on day one, it needs time to marinate in the fridge , eat it over some good pink-skinned hot dogs with onions and mustard on day 3, eat it in a cornbread casserole on day 4, and sometimes, after a late night of working hard on the farm, we'll just eat what's left while watching British comedies when the kids are in bed.

It's the ultimate date night: I know that I married my soulmate -- thanks for the reminder!! This won't work in every state, only those that have cash refunds for bottles and cans. These normally get tossed out as litter by the stores than manage the machines.

Be very careful, with the increasing rise of identity theft going through someones trash is illegal in some areas. Where I live the cops cannot go through the garbage unless they have permission or a warrant. At my house on Wednesday and Saturday nights. I do not cook for anyone. Everyone picks out what left over they want to eat.

I always have left overs,so that they do not get thrown out or go bad, 2 days out of the week is leftover night. I know I could cook less at meal time buteverytime I do some one wants more.

So when planning meals I only plan 5 a week and we do not have to starve ourselves for a day which is not healthy. As a woman I'm not offended by If a man values his cash over meaningful relationships, he should stay single! You can actually convince yourself that what you describe is not stealing? Just because a restaurant charges more for soda than it costs them doesn't justify stealing it!

That's like trying to sneak into an all-you-can-eat buffet the next day. At some point, one has to wonder what constitutes scamming, and when does trying to save money go too far. For longer periods over 1 minute you'll start to save money.

Lots of those envelopes are barcoded to go back to the company that sent them. You need to cover it up if you don't want your letter making a bunch of unwanted stops. Not as big a deal as some of the others, but I've done it. Not necessarily as a way to save money, but because I wanted lemonade and it either wasn't offered, or had way too much sugar in it. I challenge someone to try all 51 of these for a year and then report back the results.

Here are my questions for whoever does it:. How calls have you gotten after a first date? So a man should happily turn over his money for a relationship?

There's a name for women that feel this way, they're even legal in Nevada. Thanks for ripping me off in the paint store! All those costs get passed on to future customers. I saw a tip once on how to save on landscaping: Take plants out of other people's lawns. They'll feel violated, and you'll have a plant.

I seriously can't wait to spend a few hours putting the contents of my ripped off ketchup packets into a bottle. A lot of these are not only dishonest, but also mean-spirited. Regarding 3, setting aside the issue of smeared newsprint on your private parts, is this even remotely okay for the plumbing? Although I don't mind using just two sheets of toilet paper there have been numerous times when I couldn't use any at all! I've learned to be frugal in this dept , but using old envelopes?!?

Oh yeah - and ordering the biggest meal I can find on the menu because I'm on a date with somebody else who is paying is sure to endear me to my potential partner for life Haha, it'll save you gas GREAT way to grenade your engine faster than normal, though! So keep it up cheap ass, you'll need to replace your car years earlier with all that gas money you saved!! Cars are some of the most expensive items we own, but most can't seem to take the time to properly care for them?

These tips seem to fall into 3 categories. Ones that made me laugh out loud like number 3. Uh, excuse me but I missed the news today. Do you mind if I just read your butt? LOL The others I just pity. Except for the third and least prevalent category: As far as the comments go I love the idea expressed by Kevin in number 13 and I wish I could find a lady like Amber 21 except her making excuses for stealing down here in Texas.

It has been hard though. Maybe it is the toilet flower pots that line my driveway or how I dole out 2 squares of toilet paper when they need to go to the restroom LOL.

Ellen 39 you forgot the question: How many times have you been arrested or fined? And finally 50 lighten up. These were not put here as things he believes we all should do but make us laugh and show us the funnier side of frugal living. There is a line between frugality and dishonesty Amy Dacyczyn has a great section on this in her book Tightwad Gazette. Most of the rest are illegal.

The people that come up with these ideas may save money with their bizarre methods but with the money they save they will paying for a psychiatrist one day. These people defenitely aren't running on all cylinders. I totally agree with comment 40 about marrying the wrong woman. Though oddly enough, that tip does highlight how we women get screwed over. Not only do we earn less, but we're also forking out for monthly supplies, underthings, make-up, etc.

I wouldn't follow most of these tips due to the question ethics or "ew" factor, but the soft fruit one makes sense. Soft fruit works better than hard fruit in freezer jam. I've read some of the highest quality toilet papers do not properly disintegrate and can clog up a septic tank.

The same goes with flushable wipes which have been known to even clog the drain lines from the house. We stick with mid-grade toilet paper and save money in paper and costly plumbing services. I can't believe some of the items on this list! I'm all for saving a buck, but stealing from graves? Or, apparently just about anywhere from the local hardware store to the corner bar. You don't have to pay a lot of money if you're a career thief.

But incarceration sure sucks! My Well Of wealth. These are hilarious, they're quite funny. I'm assuming that if one followed all of these tips, they'd be quite the character. I can see where collecting these tips one by one doesn't make the person offering the tip seem unusual, but seeing them all together is quite interesting.

Are most of these supposed to be jokes? Not to mention, you're probably not doing your plumbing any good. I think about the unplugging of appliances. How much time do you spend in the morning resetting all the clocks involved? I'm all for saving money and getting out of debt.

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