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If Game Of Thrones Characters Had Their Own Credit Cards
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Report—A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition by Fantasy Flight

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View all Cars Sites. View all TWD Sites. Ranking the 67 Best Characters. View all GoT Sites. My experience has been that banks that allow custom credit cards will only accept things that are obviously undoctored photographs that you have taken. Anything obviously not real or any sort of digital art seems to be declined automatically even if it's your own personal art and doesn't exist anywhere on the internet. Add up the digits a certain way and see if the result ends in zero. Here's more details and an online tool that can do the math for you.

Here's a pretty good explanation: Its probably a fake card. Unless OP is dumb enough to give us his CC number. Then its just a guessing game to find the 3 digits for the CVV number.

Also because like you've stated its a visa that starts with a 5. Visa cards start with a 4. You talkin' ta me? Then who the hell else are ya talkin' to? Well, I'm the only one here. Who the fuck do you think you're talkin' to?

Could check with Luhn's algorithm if you want. Viable fake numbers are useful when signing up to things that require a credit card for a free first month. They allowed you to do this?!

Banks over here get really pissy when you use potential copyrighted images for your cards: The point being that this isn't an actual bank issued credit card, but just something OP made. Kudo's btw, that's some awesome designwork. As such OP would have way fewer problems with the banks refusing to print his copyrighted image on a credit card.

And I'm guessing it's just a shop, as most banks won't allow you to use copyrighted images. I managed to get the Targaryen sigil on my debit card, but that was only because I got it right when the show started and the person checking the new cards didn't recognize it yet.

Very confident I couldn't pull it off again: P People now think I'm really awesome when I pull out my debit card though xD. Anyone have a link for the picture? A man needs to make a personalized credit card. A man would be very grateful. This is obviously a fake card, or a very, very good photoshop, so How did you make it!? I tried to put a gold lion on a crimson background on my credit card because a Lannister always pays his debts. Capital One is apparently not ok with copyright infringement.

I love that everybody points out that the credit card number is wrong, but people find it perfectly normal that a card was issued to a "Tywin Lannister". Then again, some fan might have been crazy enough to legally change their name. Most card fraud in Europe involves stolen or cloned US cards To all the people still confused if its actually real or fake if the name isn't obvious , its fake.

VISA starts with a 4 always. Alot of people asked for an image the last time this was on the front page, so I made this: If you want it altered to a specific site, please check the thread I submitted when I made it to see if it is there first: Capitol One lets you pick from an image or upload one.

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Managing your credit cards can sometimes feel like waging an epic battle with unseen enemies on all sides -- sort of like the characters on Game of Thrones. This post is about a card depicting the show's version of Braavos, on the Game of Thrones (name of the series) subreddit, not the Song of Ice and Fire (name of the books) subreddit. You are correct though, as far as we know, in the books the Lannisters themselves are not indebted to the Iron Bank. If Game Of Thrones Characters Had Their Own Credit Cards Game of Thrones season 6 has just wrapped up. After three months of epic .