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Add internet permission in AndroidManifest.xml in android studio
Right now if some permission is not granted, your application need to still be able to work with limited feature. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Must be required by a VpnService , to ensure that only the system can bind to it. My apk not required full internet access - i want disable this permision. Instead, application has to ask user for a permission one-by-one at runtime. Dangerous permissions cover areas where the app wants data or resources that involve the user's private information, or could potentially affect the user's stored data or the operation of other apps.

What happened to the application that has already been launched?

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How Android’s Permission System Works

if just using internet then use- if you are getting the state of internet then use also - just above the . Note: Beginning with Android (API level 23), if an app shares the signature of the authenticator that manages an account, it does not need "GET_ACCOUNTS" permission to read information about that account. So permissions are used to take permission of android app user about using their device resources like network connection, contacts, location using gps, web browsing cookies, running on background permission and more. So internet permission gives the path to use internet connection using android apps.