The NHL calls on Hollywood to mount celebrity-studded All-Star weekend


NHL All-Star Skills Competition player assignments
Pacific Division Laine vs. Metropolitan Division Marchand vs. Goals scored count as one point. Retrieved from " https: The goal is to finish all five challenges faster than the opponent. The organization assists youth in their pursuit of independence, empowerment and a post-secondary education. There were all the great techniques such as dekes, five-hole and top-shelf attempts, amazing cuts and fancy maneuvers, diving saves both stick and blocker side and even a spin-a-rama.

Justin Bieber to play for Team Gretzky; Taylor Kitsch on Team Lemieux

Justin Bieber taking the ice in NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout

And Snoop, who will headline two events this weekend, is just the lead Dogg in that hunt. Actors Jon Hamm and Michael J. Oscar winners Cuba Gooding Jr. And it doesn't hurt the NHL that the musical artists scheduled to perform this weekend have more than 35 million Twitter followers combined.

For us to be able to get people who maybe haven't watched hockey before but love Nick Jonas, love John Legend, love Fifth Harmony — they tune into the hockey and they get hooked.

Mayer is no stranger to celebrities or to big events. But it also raised the bar for this year, forcing the NHL to go beyond drawings of palm trees and pictures of the beach to capture what is unique about Southern California. When we knew we were going to Los Angeles, we were like 'Hollywood. But the NHL is breaking new ground elsewhere.

A massive three-day fan fair opens at the Convention Center on Thursday. In recognition of the league's th birthday, the NHL will announce the final 67 players on its greatest list on Friday. And an ice rink constructed across the street from Staples Center will be open for public skating all weekend. Finally, at the start of the season, the NHL made another overtime rule change. Now the teams would skate three-on-three as opposed to four-on-four, as they had been using.

Again, the hope was that the open ice would create more scoring opportunities and avoid the shootout. In the last two seasons, the NHL has had a winner in overtime decided over 60 percent of the time. From to , only It seems that the league keeps trying to come up with different ways to have games decided in overtime, rather than the shootout. So why have the shootout at all? Before we go further, understand the NHL, at one point wanted to go to a seven-minute overtime period, playing four-on-four for four minutes, then going to three-on-three for the final three minutes.

The NHL should eliminate the shootout and change the way points are handed out for wins. Teams getting one point if a game is tied at the end of regulation has become more of a strategy towards the end of a game. Too often a team will play it safe, knowing it will get at least one point in the standings if the game ends ties after 60 minutes of play. This prevents the teams from trying to get a regulation win. Teams need to win more hockey games in regulation time.

One possible way to get this done is to change the distribution of points in the standings. Winning a game in regulation has to be worth more than winning a game in overtime. A team should get something for an OT win, but not as much as a regulation victory. I have yet to figure out why a team should be awarded any points for losing a game. Of course, there are a few issues with the points system suggested above.

They would probably not be happy with potential overlapping schedule issues that could occur. Just look at the overtime results for the last two seasons. If over 60 percent of the games were decided within the five-minute overtime period, one could say most games would be decided in the following five minutes. This is something that needs to be resolved sooner than later. A great game is played with plenty of scoring, hitting, and defense.

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NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout. The NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout will precede the Coors Light NHL All-Star Skills Competition at p.m. PT. The game will pit a team of NHL. LOS ANGELES -- Pop superstar Justin Bieber and Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane have been added to the rosters for the NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout, a friendly hockey game featuring. The NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout is packed with past NHL greats and Hollywood stars. Justin Bieber headlines the show and will play for Team Gretzky.