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What is an IP address?

Will be leaving the provider at nearest opportunity. You've made one tired and ragged little man very happy!!! Tiscali, and other ISP's, will argue that as their regular DSL connexion changes IP on every connect as explained in my intro, above it is not possible to run such servers from your connexion, and you must "upgrade" to a static IP. How do I know if it worked? To make the reservation I had to provide a phone number, an email address and a postal address. If you don't need DHCP, disable that and try again.

Connect a Playstation 3 Controller to a Mac in MacOS Sierra, OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, & Mavericks

I want to connect a video camera to a wireless router and watch the video in real time on an ipad or laptop, there will be no internet just the wirele? As you can see an icon on the upper left corner of the screen that looks like sound waves going out, that means you are using your wifi hotspot an not your service from Verizon. My le pan tablet want connect to the wireless internet in my home ,how do i connect again with the wireless service i have?

It depends on what you do like facebook,twitter,istagram or tumblr can waste about abit like mb but if yyou use youtube your mb are gone with one video. How much internet time do i have if i have mb of usage time left on my wireless plan?

Hi, the one that has the strongest signal would be your SSID, better yet call their tech support hotline for further assistance How do i hook up my wii to my time warner cable roadrunner wireless internet. Try to reboot your phone.

Check also your internet connection. You maybe having some issues with your connection. Why kik keeps ask timed out or to reload at a later time? Only you need for is match all IP address, changing only last group of numbers. Check your prefrences your security pass code may have saved incorrectly. I have a problem with wireless network, every time i click wireless connect and it's gonna start connection with wireless network for seconds, how?

Add Your Answer Every time i try to connect my wireless internet it says i have timed out? Can you help us by answering one of these related questions? We need your help! Team Xecuter asking for help to get their hands on unhackable models. Specterdev publishes writeup on the 5.

This week July in emulation: MultiMAN mounting drive but no able to access it. How to get your hands on a PS4 with 4.

The wait is finally over. TheFlow releases Firmware updater. Fast-forwarding in PS1 games and FW 3. TheFlow shows a demo of his upcoming kernel exploit for PS Vita 3. Automate most of h-encore hack installation on your PS Vita. ShellBat updated for 3. Ryujinx, an open-source Nintendo Switch emulator, seeing great progress: June 30, at 4: June 30, at 9: January 6, at 8: You're wrong though says: November 14, at 7: June 21, at 4: January 2, at 6: June 30, at 7: November 16, at 6: July 19, at 7: June 30, at 8: June 30, at Jan 4, Downloads: This app will go through the HD and will fix the improper file permissions that occurs with using PL3.

It seems that alot of folks are having issues installing and running backups on there Ps3's due to the bug in PL3 that effects file permissions. Here is what I have been doing to get around the black screen hangs and disc read errors. Jun 12, Downloads: This Plugin Manager will install two plugins: This Manager has 5 options: Pressing the start button on one of the options, you can view a detailed explanation of the selected option.

Automatic acquisition of the language set in the console Peer now only in Italian and English, are already working to French and Spanish. Nov 22, Downloads: This tool removes most of the steps steps needed to apply the initial flash mod to mount game backups directly from XMB using webMAN, reducing the risks to limit user error. Its a great tool for noobs, wanting an easy yet risk limiting method. We will have the opportunity to change or add any custom Gameboot with one of the 16 present.

It will erase your list of friends Playstation Network. This plugin allows us to install 30 free TV channels thanks to the most popular web applications including TV bbc, itv, youtube, abc, video and many others all accessible from the XMB.

Through this call we will be able to install any coldboot in our USB drive. Dec 15, Downloads: You can either install the prepNTFS. Do not launch the prepNTFS. Pretty Manager vr4 by Jurai2 Last Release: Oct 3, Downloads: This manager is essentially the same as Open Manager, however it has a "prettier" GUI and a few other different features.

It also appears to be a bit more organized as well. To fully understand you will just have to give it a try. Changes include the following: PNG out of the game directory to display in full resolution as the background. Language is determined at runtime based on the current system setting. AT3 - PS3 update files are now skipped when backing up from a bluray disc saves space Special thanks to Hermes, deanrk, liomajor, and other users who helped debug issues and provided translations.

Since i'm a physic, i developed a linux tool to do some experiments to reproduce a seismographer. This is a simple Seismograph for ps3. PS2 Classics Manager v1. Apr 11, Downloads: ENC to internal drive. This menu will be useful for future features: When the game is imported you will be automatically taken back to XMB so you can run the Placeholder.

They can have any name you like, for example: PNG if they are provided by user on each game directory. PNG", if you named them in any of those formats, they will be recognized and displayed.

CNF , this is used when encrypting and when listing games. Setting up PS2 Classics Manager v1. May 15, Downloads: Activate ps2 classic placeholder through psnpatch or reactpsn and install this pkg 2. Run it and maintain sync without mounting any games 3. Legal Homebrew Game Included. Jan 13, Downloads: It's a work around to fix the wireless pad sync issues on CFW 4. Install placeholder and activate the rap file for classic via reactPSN 2.

Go to multiman normal mode and click on iso 3. Copy or Move ISO. PS2 Netemu Selector v1. Aug 10, Downloads: Available versions of PS2 Netemu: So you can have emulator that show temperatures with enabled debug menu now. To access debug menu run ps2 game, and push PS button. Current patch allow to show this menu only one time per run.

To access manual page, push PS button, and select "Software Manual". This resulted in separate backup files for every emulator change. This resulted in many not needed copies which just take free space on hdd. Now when changing emulator previous backup is overwritten with new one. PS3 Cloud Drive v1. Nov 5, Downloads: See release notes for details. It was at the end of last year that I posted this. It really took me away from gaming on the ps3 for a while. But I did find this.

I decided to take a shot at it and although the development went slow for several reasons, I eventually finished the first set of features I planned for. You can install this application on a ps3 running a custom firmware. The application works with Google Drive. You will need a Google account to use it. Bi-Directional Sync is possible. The application will sync your saves to the cloud and will download them to your hard drive.

Resume support is present and you can quit the application any time you want. The app will pick up from where it left off. Resumable uploads and partial responses are supported. Save Difference and update will only sync data that has changed to cut bandwidth usage. There were a lot of requests for this feature and version 1.

Planned Features for next releases: Users can select the game-saves they want to sync to the cloud. This also requires a GUI for the user to select which saves he needs transferred. Most likely a Dual panel layout. Multiple Playstation 3 units support per account. A user may sign into a PS3-Cloud-Drive account and download saves from another ps3.

This feature is highly dependent on selective sync. Authentication Authentication is a one time process and you do not need to repeat it unless you delete the app or wipe your ps3s hard drive.

Install it on your PS3. This app has been tested on various firmwares up to 4. Run the app and it will generate a code for you. It will also prompt you to visit http: You must be signed into a Google account for verification. The PS3 will automatically detect the authentication as soon as you finish registration. Once the authentication completes, the application will start building data and syncing game-saves to the cloud How to use: General Usage Every time you run the application, it will detect and sync changes to the cloud automatically.

But let the application finish the current transfer. It does not require any of your personal information. None of your personal data from the ps3 running the app, apart from game-saves, is transferred to the cloud. You may use a proxy application to sniff the data. I honestly do not know how to do that yet. If you know how, please get in touch. Do saves from the currently logged in user get uploaded or all users on my ps3?

The app syncs saves for all user profiles present on the internal HDD. Can I give custom paths to the app to sync? Not right now because I do not plan to make it anything else apart from a gamesave sync utility. I might add a custom path feature later. The application is designed to let the user decide what gets synced. See next question for more details. It will detect the missing save and automatically download it again.

Install the app again on your PS3. Once authentication is done, it will start downloading all the saves to your hard drive. Does this app resign saves? Besides resigning saves is a touchy matter. You can use the same Google drive account to sync two ps3s. However, you must understand that the application has no way to differentiate the two Playstation units apart from the Gmail address used to register the application.

And if I delete the corrupt save, the application keeps downloading the corrupt save. By default the app thinks of the last save revision as the one that gets synced. However, if this scenario happens, you can go to Google Drive yourself and delete the last revision and pin the revision that is not corrupt.

You may then download the save yourself or run the application again to download the correct revision. This is also a planned feature, where a user can select which revision he wants to download. See question for more details.

My revisions got purged on Google Drive? Google Drive has a default policy of purging older revisions after 30 days. This is enough time for you to recover any data. Read the linked article on how to recover a revision or mark it as pinned, such that it never gets purged. This may be a future feature in the options but for now because every revision takes the same amount of space the original file does, this is not enabled. The application data got corrupted due to a malfunction or the PS3 shutdown abnormally power failure etc.

How do I recover application data? You can delete the corrupted data and restore the backup. The backup might not be recent but it should still save you a lot of hassle. Is this app going to be open source? Can I cancel my PS Plus subscription now?

Oh no, PS Plus is so on another level. This is just one of its features. Can you make this app stealth like multiman? I currently do not know how to do that.

But may be down the road. If you know how to, drop me a message. Are you associated with Sony, Google or the PlayStation brand? This is only a visual glitch and your save is perfectly fine. The PS3 keeps a database of everything and the app currently cannot update that database directly as it resides in the flash. However, as a temporary solution, you can make the save appear in the XMB by playing the game for that game-save and overwrite the save once either with autosaving or manual save.

You can also rebuild the database from the recovery menu as well. Aug 17, Downloads: Web portal for PlayStation 3 with links to Homebrew, managers, mods, Once the packages downloaded it appears as a bubble to install in Games category Update Webman-MOD in the last current version 1. Sep 7, Downloads: Although it proved to be very useful at the time, it also proved to be very buggy as well. Connect with your choice of FTP client - Prefered is the old "ftp" from the command line, however Filezilla seems to work, allowing only one connection, and disabling PASV support.

Furthermore, the Server does not support some commands like rename, of all things! Use the IP shown on the screen - make sure to have your net connection up and running before hand wired is so much faster Connect to that IP, port 21, use the username: FTPD, and whatever password you like.

I could have removed the username check in the library, but I'm lazy! Be careful, some of the flash contents ARE writable , nobody is responsible for what you do to your PS3 but you! Finally, this app was coded quickly, by someone who can't code for the life of him. Furthermore a tiny, tiny, super tiny bit of editing was done to the library to allow full access to the entire system, and the hack enabled the rest! Feb 26, Downloads: Just a quick little web irc app for chating on your ps3, i've done a nice wallpaper so you can connect to hax, its got some nice chilled xmb music and it also installs under network to keep game clean..

Jun 16, Downloads: A personal password protects your PS3 against unauthorized access or gives you restricted access. Changes in PS3 Lock v0. Don't forget to enable "USB authentication" in the settings menu. Feb 24, Downloads: The mamba version has one limitation, it cant set memory of vsh. How to use it? If you are on a cobra cfw you need to turn cobra off see in webman, habib toolbox, In mamba version the changes are not permanent.

Ps3 Messenger also starts with any button and installs under network. It doesn't have a GUI yet so it will give you a black screen while running. It is still working though. If you don't know your PS3's IP address you will need to check your router to see what it is. PS3-FTP has been tested and should be compatible with the following clients: If you are running Unix and have the "expect" interpreter installed, you can use the "stop" and "restart" scripts that are located at the repository's root directory.

Remember to close the connection of your FTP client before trying to connect via telnet. Feb 18, Downloads: PS3ita Manager is a backup manager based on the open source code Iris Manager. Added support for CFW 4. Fixed a bug in the archive manager. Submitted - Showtime Media Player. Submissions for the discless file for each cfw 3: Thanks to Hells Guardian ps3hax member for lv1 and lv2 dump v1.

Now everything should be fine. A simple transcription error did not work properly it. Thanks to "Liqianyu" for reporting both problems!! This allows you to display 48 games on one screen. Because of an small error, the fix for update games was not working in the previous version of manager.

NOTE The payload has been tested only on our cfw 4. Oct 12, Downloads: If you paid it, you have been scammed. Jan 28, Downloads: The major objective is to spoof the console Id and disable cfw syscalls extensions in order to make your system more "safe" to go into the PSN.

It also deletes the boot history execution. The optional cobra plugins unloads from memory after activation. After that restart your PS3. So generally you need to mount game, use combo, run game. That's all, but remember that if you want to change game or run ANY homebrew. A new homebrew blocker is included in the psnpatch plugin - in the plugin only. It is enabled by default. If you don't want to use it, go into psnpatch xmb application, toolbox menu, and disable it there.

The homebrew blocker blocks home brew excution when CFW Syscalls are disabled. Execution will be locked until the next reboot. The homebrew blocker runs in cobra, near-cobra mamba and non-cobra systems. This implementation is compatible with eventually future cobra updates for core homebrew blockers. Supports old, present and future firmware versions.

When cobra gets updated with its own blocker, psnpatch will detect and use it. Carefully read instructions to properly understand how it works.

More than 1 year october since the last change. Following some users requests, changes were made to support the PS3 Media Remote in the application and updating the list of "cleanable" CFW syscalls. So, here it is the first version. If anyone has anything to report or an improvement request, please use the psx-place forum: A quick Remember for those who preferred not to read past versions release notes: For the best protection, PSNPatch plugin should always be installed.

The major objective of psnpatch is to spoof the console Id and disable cfw syscalls extensions in order to make your system more "safe" to go into the psn. It also deletes the boot history execution hiding homebrew execution. The optional cobra plug-ins unloads from memory after activation and controls PSN access. New algorithms specially made for CFW disabling and searching valid user accounts. Just install and run. A simple interface will guide you trough.

Optionally you can install a prx plug-in that runs in the background and do all the "spoofing" and CFW disabling from the xmb by means of a simple shortcut read below. See the PSNPatch plug-in section for additional information.

If you want to be sure psnpatch works in your system: Put it in the root of a usb stick and place it in the rightmost ps3 usb port. This will allow you to remove cfw syscalls and delete execution history. Removing syscall will simulate a official firmware version improving protection level against PSN bans. Note that after doing this, some home-brew programs like multiMAN will fail to execute.

After CFW is disabled you can play the mounted game backup but cannot mount another one. This "cfw disabling" will only be active until next ps3 reboot. Some few games may fail starting when mounted by a backup manager after cfw is disabled - this can be solved by mounting those games in ISO format. Psnpatch uses several complimentary algorithms to improve cfw disabling success rate.

If a mounted game in cobra gives black screen after disabling cfw, try mounting as ISO. It cannot be any number: Don't try to generate an ID by yourself!!! Spoof idps and psid, disable cfw syscalls and delete execution history.

You can even start psnpatch and keep X pressed until you ear the beep, bypassing the user interface and back to XMB! An on-scree message will report the success and mode used for it. No need to call PSNPatch application! L1 - a log will display the list of processed games by file type.

It is advisable not to process more than 20 files at the same time if you sign more, they may not appear in the log. PSNpatch can unlock game demos of C00 type.

For each unlocked game there will be created a new EDAT. Even with spoofed IDPS. There are still many users with 4.

Some newer games will fail to start on systems with lower firmware versions - typically a black screen at start up. A list of patched games and the number of patched files per game will be displayed on-screen. This a very very slow really slow scan, but it is essential for games failing the normal patching method i. You might have to wait 10 to 15 minutes - while the hdd light blinks, psnpatch is working. This function is great to test how long the scan will take and can be interrupted at anytime without any problem, as no writing to the disk is being ade while in [TEST] mode.

Some newer games even if working on a 4. This happens because the new patches are being distributed already signed for 4. In this cases it is needed to get the update pkg file separately - suggested to donwload the update pkg files from a tool like multiman.

The menu will change to "TEST" mode. The list of patcheable games will be shown, but they will not be changed. It should be independent of the CFW "flavor" rebug, rogero, habib, darknet, steve, zer0 … and cobra editions!

Equal to every 4. X firmware until now. The remaining functions deals with the ps3 file system and should also be compatible with every firmware version. All from the XMB! Intercepts other tools trying to disable CFW and does it by itself. PSN access will be locked at plugin start-up. The same applies to Firmware version checks and firmware updates trough web. All PSN server blocks will report error unknown server.

After installing a new psnpatch version, if you have a previous version of the PSNPatch plug-in, just execute PSNPatch and follow the on-screen instructions to auto-update the plugin.

O 3 seconds, 1 beep, the cfw is disabled! If you get the usual psnpatch welcome message when trying to enable or disable "auto mode", the process had failed. You should reboot and try again! This will protect from running homebrew when connected to the PSN thus avoiding being easily detected!

Error bad installation will be reported when trying to execute a locked homebrew. After homebrew is blocked, it will be automatically unlocked at the next reboot. NOTE for cobra users: If your system crashes and goes into the recovery menu, cobra will disable all plugins. To resume normal homebrew usage, one should re-install psnpatch, go to toolbox, re-install psnpatch plugin, reboot.

Not possible until now starting with psnpatch It will ignore other tools changes.

Bandwidth King writes Slide 23 of this power point presentation talks about Reset: With or without ISP defaults. Ok, that is the old method of the ISP providing a file in the dl directory, loominggu.ga, which was not deleted by normal factory reset. My Apple TV and PS3 allow me to just change the DNS entry and allow everything else to be provided by the DHCP. To perform similar setup on FTV2, on wired connection, I have to provide all parameters, which is not a big deal if you know what your DHCP server range details and gateway ip are. Thought i update my Odd Comment i Ripped my Dragon Age and Dragon Age 2 Games Using Multiman and Irismanager both Diferent Isos Created By Me It Webman Sees Dragon Age but wont see Dragon Age 2 at loominggu.ga Iso Mounter Sees it and plays it fine am using a Toshiba 2TBHDD Formated to NTFS dont understand why its doing it with .