Someone is using my Netflix account without my permission.

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How To Figure Out Who's Using Your Netflix Password
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How Can I Tell What Devices Are Connected to My Netflix Account?

Netflix no longer allows users to deactivate individual devices from the website. They also not sign users out, so changing your password will not be sufficient. You will need to change your password and deactivate all devices. You will then need to reactivate the devices under your control. The deactivation should require any people using it on their computer to enter the password which will be old and no longer work.

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Choose your interaction style wisely. How can I see all the connected devices on my Netflix account? I was trying to figure this out earlier and I couldn't find a way. I was trying to watch Netflix on my Xbox and got a message that I had too many devices using my account at the same time, so I tried to find out who the other devices were and I couldn't figure it out.

Had to disconnect all devices from the account to get it working again. If you're having issues with others using it, I believe changing the password signs them out. I changed the password and even did the "disconnect all devices" thing on the Netflix webpage, but somehow the Blu-Ray player that my parents use to watch Netflix was never disconnected and they never had to re-sign in.

This is true for anyone using a browser based version of Netflix, since Netflix can be a bit of a pain to connect devices to devices do not get signed out when you change your password last time I did it anyway. You can't get a list of connected devices but you can sign out all connected devices from the account by going to 'your account' and clicking 'Sign out of all devices'.

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In the top-right corner, hover over your profile avatar and then click Your account; In the My Profile section, click on Viewing activity; You’ll see My Activity at the top of the next page; click the See recent account access link just beneath that; That’s it. In the pop-up that opens you’ll see a list of recent times your account has been accessed. In the upper right-hand corner you’ll see your account symbol. Mouse over it, then click “Your Account.” Scroll down and click the “Viewing activity” link. Then click the “See recent account access” link. You’ll see the location and device that’s been watching Netflix with your account, as well as when. The “Manage Devices and Computers” link under the Plan section lists all devices you have connected to your Netflix account. Remove devices you no longer use through the “Disconnect Devices” button to update your account and make room for .