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Big Brother live feed updates: Hacker twist changes everything in the BB20 house
I haven't seen anything conclusive about who won the crap app and who won the power, so that situation is pending. Started by KennyERJ , , They were already through that playlist by the time the nominations were happening. Brett but not Winston? But you are too, sometimes. Points to Brett for playing up his frustration, and for repeatedly putting it out there to his allies that he thinks JC is trying to keep the two sides of the house even so they will come after each other and leave JC safe week after week.

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Her thoughtless slip was made extra-dumb by the fact that the day before CBS had warned contestants that there would be consequences for " inappropriate behavior and offensive comments " after two earlier incidents of misbehavior in the house. Kaitlyn, who is currently the Head of Household, was sitting on a couch discussing her responsibilities as HOH with fellow contestants Tyler Crispen and Scottie Salton. They started speaking in references to songs by the rapper Drake, and Kaitlyn said, obviously without thinking, "I did go zero to , n, real quick," a reference to the song " She immediately realized her mistake and said "oops," and continued to recite the lyrics to the song, as if to say "I'm not racist, I was quoting a rapper.

Kaitlyn's mishap comes after two offensive incidents with other contestants. On Monday, Angela Rummans and Rachel Swindler made racist comments while talking about their tans, with Rachel saying "my stomach is as dark as Bay's," in reference to contestant Bayleigh Dayton , who is black, and Angela saying that her own skin tone looked "ghetto.

The back-to-back controversies prompted CBS to issue a statement of zero tolerance for future misbehavior. In both cases, those involved have been warned about their inappropriate behavior and offensive comments, as well as future consequences.

It remains to be seen what the consequences will be for Kaitlyn, but the scene will not make the broadcast version of the show. Jun 27, Watchlist Kaitlyn Herman Watchlist. America's Got Talent 3. It would take me about 45 seconds to get up and get everything that I needed. And the door to the parking lot is right there.

I wouldn't call that a voluntary exit but It was at this point that the feeds on Sam cut out, leaving fans unsure as to what happened next. This isn't the first time Sam has threatened violence before. After she was nominated this week, she threatened to "tear every door of they're fing hinges" and "absolutely rip these bitches to shreds" if she gets evicted. In early August, she also told Haleigh Broucher: Sam has also reportedly attempted to self-evict before, according to a reliable Big Brother source.

Sam's chilling outburst was likely prompted by the realization that she wasn't necessarily a pawn this week and might be heading to jury. After Kaycee Clark won the Power of Veto, Sam asked her about whether she'd be using it and Kaycee revealed that she doesn't have plans to use the Veto.

Sam then asked who Kaycee was planning on voting to keep; a question Kaycee declined to answer. The monologue also came after another notable incident over the weekend in which Sam had a lengthy conversation with herself that appeared to be directed at someone in production. In the conversation, Sam appeared to be describing having romantic feelings for someone in production and she seemed to believe they were at least somewhat reciprocated.

She was hard to hear, so I created subtitles to help you understand. I missed a few words, but you'll see for yourself what she was saying.

I also removed the silent parts 1 of 3 BB20 pic. But you are too, sometimes. And I have to just read a bunch of clues," she said. Even if it ends up being imaginary, and me being crazy. Big Brother 20 's Haleigh:

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