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While connecting to UK and US for streaming movies, it was horrible. Doesn't have an auto-change IP built into its software. Therefore, keeping your identity hidden is kind of becoming a big deal. Yes, this does mean paying a little bit of money up front. Reply James Thompson January 31, at 2:

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Private Internet Access Free Trial

Unlike other Virtual Private Networks which state that if you go over certain limits you will not be able to claim a refund, there seems to be nothing of the sorts with Private Internet Access. All you need to do is to remember to request your refund within 7 days otherwise you will not be able to get any of your money back.

Honestly, 7 days is going to be more than enough to check out the range of features and the quality of service that Private Internet Access boasts.

I seriously do suggest checking it out if you are on the lookout for a top VPN. There is a reason why it attracts A LOT of praise from just about anybody online. It is especially popular among those that use Reddit, but a quick Google search will show you that more people are happy with the services than unhappy. Bad reviews are hard to find and in some polls, we found it to be a general favorite among those who answered.

Your email address will not be published. Visited times, 1 visits today. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The setup process only takes about 1 minute after downloading the client for your OS from the Client Support section.

Once the installation is completed, the client will ask for your credentials username and password established during registration. After introducing the required data and hitting the save button, the user must look for the red icon in the system tray area, right click on it and select connect in order to be protected. There is also an option for technically advanced users who want to tweak their settings. The Advanced button available on login, in the bottom side of the window, offers access to settings like type of connection, handshaking, encryption, DNS leak protection and kill switch that disables the Internet connection on the current unit as soon as the VPN is disconnected.

The client interface also offer the possibility to change the connection to TCP instead of using UPD which is a fantastic option for when the user is in a public location and wants to connect to an open WiFi hotspot. The entire client interface is designed to be easy and options that are usually hidden in the settings menu, away from users are now right under your nose. The mobile software client promotes the same simplicity in selecting the type and level of encryption as the kill switch is already built-in, there are options that allow the client to start on boot and connect automatically when there are networks available.

You can read all about different types of encryption and how they protect you online, on the Client Support page. Given the fact that Private Internet Access VPN solution was created to offer the internet back to users, privacy is one of the elements that must be consolidated through their activity. Still the mother company, London Trust Media Inc. Their Privacy Policy clearly states that no traffic or request logs will be kept.

They also specify that, under subpoena, they are obliged to offer the requested information to governmental agencies. Also, the connection time is good, but it has moments when it takes up to 1 minute to connect with a server. There is also the option to run a Speed Test of your own to make sure the data presented are real.

For maximum security and anonymity you should be using the OpenVPN. It can be very tedious when trying to configure the OpenVPN client, so juts be warned.

The Private Internet Access solution has software clients for the most popular operating systems of the moment. Thus, the solution provides software clients for the following devices:. The solution offers 5 simultaneous connections, so a small family can protect all the devices in the house with only one subscription.

The solution offers 3 main packages, all supporting the same features but being differenced by the period of subscription. The solution is unusually cheap for the features, security and level of privacy it offers. There is also the possibility to remain completely anonymous using Bitcoin and gift cards received from major brands this option was just recently introduced.

On the contact page you find both the information to make a call and a series of FAQ for more popular inquiries. The team also offers live support through their mini-chat window that pops up from time to time on the bottom right corner of your screen. Another modality to find out more about this solution is to read the articles posted on their blog and follow the forum section where both technical and financial issues are discussed.

Also, the Client Support area is filled with video tutorials that are created to help the user with installation and choosing a customized connection. The Private Internet Access VPN solution is among the best solutions for privacy and online security on the market right now.

They do offer real privacy by not keeping any incriminating logs and all their VPN channels use multiple layers of security to keep data snoopers away. They also have a wide network over servers spread worldwide and support pretty decent connectivity speeds. The only points that let them down are the lack of features and not having their own VPN client which makes for a very long and tedious set up process which for the non tech savvy would just be a pain in the ass.

Id like to add that they are also working on a linux app that i was directed to download and try.. This is the single most important aspect in choosing a VPN: Sure they only ask for an email but they have your IP in their logs. This means you have to trust them. Regardless, if a 3 letter agency takes an interest in you, then they need only throw that subpoena at them.

That is true for most VPNs in most countries. I saw a few VPNs simply ditching their servers in certain countries after an event like that, but most do not and quietly comply just to keep in business. Which is exactly why a VPN is only useful to avoid being tracked by business interests wanting to data mine your info. Visit the forum and spend some time to see what subscribers are saying. I found out after the fact. Speed is for many very slow, enough so to cause migration to another service.

It is the same reason for myself. Daytime speed is good evenings are not so good. I only see Running a netgear nighthawk r DD-wrt. This has been normal for about 2 weeks. Forums at PIA indicate the same for many users. There is always a certain amount of data packets which are dropped when crossing nodes, the more nodes you add, the more data packets are lost in the transmission and have to be resent, that slows down your connection because you are adding at least one extra hop from your VPN.

You should be complaining to your ISP that sold you 15 mbps but is giving you only 12 mbps. Also, many ISPs track connection testing websites and give full speed for people testing their service, then the speed drops for normal usage.

They are forced to keep logs by law and are forced to turn their customers in or their executives are sent to jail in place of the customers they are protecting.

Not only did I find the speeds on mobile and desktop to be slow but I found the mobile app to be inconsistent in regards to connection stability. Glad to be rid of them. I love the service from PIA. Cheap, and servers is fast. Has worked with no problems for 3 years now. Reviews all over the net gives topscore to PIA.

Private Internet Access Free Trial

The Private Internet Access special does not require a coupon code. To take advantage of the offer visit our Private Internet Access Special page. Once you’ve had a chance to review the features and VPN service details simply click on “Subscribe” under the discounted yearly account option. Private Internet Access Free Trial – Try 7 Days % Risk Free Private Internet Access is one of the top providers of VPN services, which allow you to browse anonymously on the web. They offer a range of different monthly and annual packages, which come with a 7-day money back guarantee. Private Internet Access is offering new users a 7 day free new PIA members are covered by their 7 day risk-free money back guarantee. Several large VPN providers like PIA use money back guarantees as a way to help you test their service with the option to cancel within a set period of time.